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YEAR / MAKE / TYPE 1985 Chevrolet C30 / Brush fire fighting vehicle
PUMP SIZE / TANK SIZE Darley 250 gpm gasoline powered fire pump / 250 gallon poly tank
ENGINE / TRANSMISSION Chevrolet 350 V8 gas / Standard 4 speed transmission
PRIMARY PURPOSE Forest / Wildland fire fighting
SPECIAL EQUIPMENT PTO front bumper mounted winch
OTHER EQUIPMENT CARRIED High and low band radios, AED, jump kit, rechargeable hand lights, portable extinguisher, chainsaws, brush rakes, brooms, back pack water pumps, wildland fire fighting jumpsuits, gloves, and helmets, foam, forestry hose, 2-1/2" suction and floating strainer.
ACQUISITION DATE Purchased in 1994, in service as a brush truck in 1995.
TRUCK COMMITTEE MEMBERS All members participated in building this truck
OTHER INFORMATION This truck was purchased by the Fire Department Association. It was a former NU truck. The Association had the truck painted red, striped and lettered, and purchased the 250 gallon Poly tank. Members installed radios, siren, emergency lights and then built a steel skid frame for mounting of the pump and tank. The skid unit can be removed in the off (brush fire) season and the truck is then used as a utility vehicle to carry the Rescue Alive cold water/ice rescue sled and related equipment. In 2001 the step-side pick-up body was removed and a new aluminum flat bed and diamond plate tool boxes were purchased by the Association. In 2003 the Association purchased a new Darley Fire Pump. In 2005 a hitch was added for towing the HAZ-MAT trailer. A body overhaul was done in 2008 that included new fenders, hood, grille, rocker panels, and a complete paint job.

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