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Each year between January 15th and May 1st some Massachusetts communities allow their residents to conduct open burning. It is important to remember that when open burning, you are subject to certain requirements and responsibilities issued and enforced by the State Fire Marshals office, Department of Environmental Protection and your local Fire Department (310 CMR: DEP 7.07). These regulations are there for the safety of you and your neighbors as well as the protection of the environment. The Town of Granville permits open burning of brush with a permit from the Fire Department.

The fire department is dispatched to all 911 reports of smoke or fire. The fire department response is only cancelled after an officer on scene confirms a permitted burn.

The DEP has established the date (1/15 to 5/1) and time period (10 am to 4 pm) at which brush may be burned. This is based on the time at which the atmosphere is best able to accept smoke.

  • Permits may be sought in advance of the day(s) you wish to burn
  • There is no fee assessed for burning permits
  • Permits may be revoked by the fire department at any time due to adverse weather or other concerns that are prohibitive to safe outdoor burning. A fire department official will contact all permit holders if it becomes necessary to cancel burning for a specific day.
  • Permits may be issued as a hardcopy or electronically. You must keep your written permit and make it available to officials if necessary.

All such open burning is to be conducted:

  • From January 15th to May 1st of each year
  • On land proximate to the place of generation
  • At a location greater than 75 feet from any dwelling
  • As not to create a nuisance
  • Between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

The following is PROHIBITED under all circumstances:

  • Burning of brush, trees, cane and driftwood from commercial or institutional land clearing operations
  • Burning of grass, hay, leaves, and stumps
  • Burning of tires
  • Burning during adverse meteorological conditions
  • Burning at landfills or refuse disposal facilities other than DEP approved incinerators
  • Stacking, placing or storing combustible materials such that DEP may presume that it will be burned

New Permitting process:

To obtain a permit please follow the instructions below or watch the short video.

  1. Go to our Burn Permit Portal Click here: Burn Permit Portal
  2. Login into your account or Create a new one
  3. Fill out your Personal Info (This info is only going to used for burn permits) and Click "Conintue"
  4. Add the address you are planning to burn at and Click "Next"
  5. Verfiy the Pin on the map is at the correct address and Click "Add Address"
  6. Select your Address and Click "Continue"
  7. Read and expect the Terms and Conditions and Click "Continue"
  8. Sign your Name the best you can
  9. Fill in your notification methods (This will be used to notifiy you of No Burn days) and Click "Continue"
  10. Your Burn Permit Application has now been Submitted.
  11. Click on "Go to My Permits" to check the statis of your permits

Click here: Burn Permit Portal

Once you have gotten your permit you just have to call in at 1-(855)-793-1007 between the hours of 8am - 2pm every day to activate you permit. You only need to get one permit for each address for the season.

You can also watch the short instructional video below:

Click here: Burn Permit Portal

Burn Permit Portal Help Documents

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